Eptagone was established in 2014. It is located in Dubai, a global re-export hub and an international trade location.
Over the years, the company has aimed to import anddistribute, in the UAE and across the region,
a range of food lines and stationery.
Exclusive brands are recognized across the world fortheir standards and high quality.
Eptagone strives to achieve this by creating strong partnerships with renowned
global brandsthat have developed a reputation for quality and taste.
Our food division brings you the widest range of tasty authentic Greek, French, Spanish, Swiss, and Italian food brands recognized across the world
by food connoisseurs looking for healthy and tasty food.
We are focusing on products offering quality andsatisfaction to the end-user customer.
Our stationery portfolio offers a wide top range of worldwide well-known brands and high-end compatible cartridges for printers.
With choice, quality, design, and price without compromising on the quality that meets customer needs.
We are focusing on products offering quality and satisfaction to the end-user customer.
We are also developing private labels for our retail customers, jointly with our suppliers.
Eptagone supplies all the leading hypermarkets and supermarket retail chains.
Foodservice and Ho-re-ca in the UAE.


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Our Brands
We supply premium products via our network of sales channels
and take pride in serving our customers and the brands we represent.
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